Portable buildings UNit User guide

User information & your duty of care

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Rent-A-Unit Limited for your portable building needs, and hope we have been able to supply you with everything required for your comfort and convenience.

This basic user guide has been provided to ensure you, “the hirer”, are fully aware of your obligations and responsibilities to ensure the proper use, maintenance, cleanliness and care of our equipment over the course of your hire agreement. 

We pride ourselves on delivering only the best to our loyal Customers, and following our advice and terms set out within the remit of this agreement, it will ensure that our units can be rehired to the next Customer in the same excellent condition we have built our name on.

See our User Guide

Thank you, sincerely, for your care and consideration.

Steve Empson


If you have any concerns regarding the use of this Portable Building, or seek further guidance, please do not hesitate to contact Rent-a-Unit Limited on 01724 870000