Shipping Container Conversions Unlockng the Potential of Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers, the workhorses of international trade can be so much more than just a cargo carrying steel box. Robust steel shipping container structures have literally proven their metal in the shipping industry with an unmatched sturdiness and improved portability, however the shipping container’s potential extends far beyond circumventing ports and docks around the world!

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Rent-a-unit Container Conversions


ContainerKing® / Rent-a-Unit® unlock the versatility of shipping containers, transforming them into dynamic spaces tailored to your wildest ideas or general needs. From a basic container office conversion to an inspiring studio workplace, workshop conversions are always popular but why not be creative, you could “own it!” bragging rights to your own man cave!!

We carry out container conversions for lots of practical uses too, like an insulated sports equipment storage container or an archive and document storage with something as simple as a separate personal door which are a “girls favourite” for ease of use against opening the big heavy doors all containers come fitted with! Garden rooms, chill out rooms, acoustic music rooms?

An endless list but at ContainerKing® / Rent-a-Unit® we try offer you innovative solution’s to the most creative of dreams.


What We Can Offer, Promises, Promises, Everybody’s Good at That!

OK we need to be honest! With a comprehensive range of container conversions already under our belt, nothing beats experience, we always try to cater to a diverse array of customer needs and look hard for practical solution’s to niggly problems but we can’t always promise to offer you “a perfect solution” so please be realistic, we simply re-fabricate, convert and fit out containers !! Be assured we’re pretty damn good at it, but we’re less confident and not so sure we’re very good at produce miracles!

For those seeking a simple functional workspace, our studio container conversion’s are funky and cool, and are a big hit with creatives and artists offering you the perfect canvas for your next masterpiece.

Workshop container conversions can be both practical and detailed, a place of solace or just somewhere to potter? Your ideas may be an impractical extravagance or a practical solution for useable space, from engineers to fitters to mechanics or for hobbyists to florists?

If you’re looking for a comfortable and energy efficient space, somewhere to relax maybe? A properly insulated shipping container can be designed to keep you warm in winter or cool in the summer but cozy in any climate, Garden Room fantasists read on!

But the “man cave”… ok let’s not be totally sexist here, we will build a “she caves” too! But whatever…man cave / she cave who cares?

How great would it be to have your own private room away from the pressures of life and work, somewhere to decompress and recharge with emotional energy for a happy healthy life…perfect.

Whatever your vision, our shipping container conversion customers are a testament to our commitment to delivering versatile spaces which will elevate you personally, your business or lifestyle.

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Rent-a-unit Container Conversions
Case Study

Bespoke Workshop – Marlborough Communications (a Cohort PLC company)

In February 2023 we were approached with a basic design brief for a bespoke 20ft shipping container conversion workshop for Gatwick based Marlborough Communications Limited, a world leading supplier of advanced electronic communications, information systems and signals intelligence technology to the defence and security sectors.

Whilst they had a concise idea of the general layout and specification of the unit, we soon established this conversation was leading to be anything but a conversation about a standard container workshop!

Using a 20ft one trip ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) shipping container the first job required a general re-fabrication of the shell, cutting out apertures for windows and a separate personnel door (steel insulated multi-locking, to be fitted with a vision panel) and for pre-fabricated metal pattress boxes positioned where external sockets, extractor fans, a power supply inlet box and external flashing beacon and siren needed to be fixed externally, and getting all these items welded and watertight sealed into position.

The next jobs was to externally de sticker, removing all standard shipping decals and backing glue before the unit was fully rubbed down and prepared for paint, even new “one trip” containers arrive in the UK with marks and scratches on the body and corner pillars of a shipping container. We also engaged with our local specialist contractor Webster Insulation to apply a polyurethane “spray foam insulation” to the ceiling (and walls when required) which amongst other benefits, prevents condensation to the internal of the structure.

After everything was prepared and ready and under controlled conditions we applied a premium 80% gloss, 2K custom paint in a colour bespoke to the corporate colours of our customer and the unit was then ready for the final fit out.

Using a standard s/w framing timber, the walls and ceiling were studded and joisted out and insulated with 100mm loft roll44, the ceiling was then boarded with 12.5mm vinyl faced white plasterboard, and the walls with special fire resistant coated 12mm ply, we built bespoke shelving and work benches to heights and depths and spacing required, the main work bench was constructed and topped with lipped and folded stainless steel to create the perfect work surface. All the electrics, panel heater for constant warmth in winter and curtain heater for immediate heat during other times, fire alarm, switches, sockets, fans etc were then all surface mounted and fitted and then finally we installed the DuraTread™ solid durable PVC Floor Tile System which was a great compliment to the job and to complete the conversion.

“Steve at Containerking handled our project with confidence and professionalism, from providing a concise detailed quotation to the timely delivery of the finished product. An excellent decision to pick Containerking as our chosen supplier.”

Container conversions

Rent-a-unit® Customisation Options

Tailored Solutions

ContainerKing® / Rent-a-Unit® offer a range of customisation options, allowing you to tailor your container conversion to perfection. Express your style, blend into a background or match a corporate image with various external paint colour choices, we can respray your container conversion in any B/S or RAL colour using high quality single pack or use a premium 2K paint, we can also externally clad containers with various types of wood panelling which can make a unit more stylish or aesthetically pleasing to the eye and can help blend a unit into a background like in a garden or wooded area and effectively hiding the container.

Security Built In

Security and comfort go hand in hand fitting fully insulated, multi-locking steel personnel doors which also incorporate vision panels if required, or we can supply plastic or composite doors too.

We can fit standard steel shuttered double glazed alloy sliding windows or for a touch of uniqueness we can fit fully bespoke sized windows or patio, french or even bi-fold doors can be added to enhance the aesthetic’s of your space.

Security Built In

The interior can be enhanced with various wall lining and ceiling finish options. Generally storage and workshop containers are lined with either Stirling board, Ply or a laminate but there are many other options available too like decorative boarding, acoustic tile lined walls giving superior sound absorption properties, preventing the cause of echos and sound dissonance which is ideal for music rooms, meeting rooms or even just a chill out room!

From the very basic to the most extravagant, our experienced team fit container conversions with full electrics, kitchens, toilets, showers air conditioning, LED mood lighting and more to cater to all your quirky or functional needs.

*When discussing your bespoke container conversion, don’t forget to ask us about the added benefit of applying a polyurethane anti-condensation spray to the ceiling which prevents condensation, helps insulate a conversion and reduces sound and is just generally well worth the additional cost.

Rent-a-unit Container Conversions

Benefits of Shipping Container Conversions

Opting for a shipping container conversion unlocks a world of benefits. Firstly the cost-effectiveness of repurposing shipping containers saves not only time but money as well compared to traditional construction methods. The inherent mobility of these structures allows for easy relocation and adaptability to changing needs. With their sturdy steel framework, container conversions can be carried out quite quickly so with reduced construction time, ensuring your new configured space is up and running in no time. Embrace sustainability with eco-friendly solutions that re-purpose existing materials, making them an environmentally conscious choice. Experience the perfect blend of versatility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness with container conversions, tailored precisely to your unique requirements.

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Rent-a-unit Container Conversions

Process and Expertise 

To the point that you take delivery of your new container conversion, its all been, we hope, a stress free and simple process. Once we are in possession of all the relevant information, specification and detail, and agreed the costs with you… you can leave us to ensuring we carry out the re-fabrication, spraying and fitting out work to your complete satisfaction. With over 25 years industry experience and a very lot of satisfied customers, we are very well accomplished in ensuring our customers are never disappointed.

Get in touch

Contact us with your ideas, we will need to have an initial discussion (either in person at our depot, or on the phone) where we will give you options, general advice and a current lead order time scale. We will ask you to hand draw a basic plan and maybe elevation drawing showing an internal layout configuration and positions of any doors / windows etc you require.

Our Call Back

Once we receive this basic information we will have a look at everything and consider any improvements or potential implications, and give you a call back to discuss in further detail and outlining all options available etc.


Once we have agreed a design, layout and specification we will work out the costs and present a full quotation for the unit, the work and HIAB Delivery for your consideration.

Accept Quote

On acceptance of our quotation, we are happy to accept a simple email instruction (in the case of a private individual) or purchase order which must include for a invoice name, address, delivery details and postcode.


For all orders we will require a non refundable deposit which will be a proportion of the total order value. We base the value of this deposit on the uniqueness of your conversion… i.e. for example a straight forward lined and insulated container with electrics and maybe a single personal door which we could potentially resell to an alternate customer we would require a 30% deposit however for something more involved which is non standard and the demand in the market is limited we may require 50% of the order value as a non-refundable deposit in the event you did not complete the purchase or pay the outstanding balance or take delivery of your conversion.

Estimated Date

Once we have received your deposit, we will advise you of an estimated date of completion which is based at the time of receipt of your deposit. Business volumes can change rapidly in this industry, we would always tell you prior to you making a payment if our workload has changed. All materials we do not stock or special items will be ordered only after we are in funds.

The Build

We will carry out the re-fabrication, and all works to complete your bespoke shipping container conversion, we will keep you updated of progress and may well be in touch for anything unforeseen or to clarify details as the build is in progress.

Final Payment

Once the conversion has been completed you will be invited to pay us a visit to look over and satisfy yourself that we have carried out all work as agreed, at this point you will be required to make a full balancing payment prior to agreeing the delivery date.


As we will now be in funds we will book in the delivery date and you will be looking forward to accepting the delivery.

*see link to delivery information HIAB Haulage on our web site.

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Extra Special or just Extra Space !!

So you have looked through all the the information we have provided, your main decision now, aside from actually taking delivery of a dream container conversion, its important you engage with a business you can trust with your project.

ContainerKing® / Rent-a-Unit® are a business you can trust, we are exceptionally well capitalised meaning your deposit and investment is completely safe whilst you finally accept the delivery of your unit. We have been trusted by hundreds of customers over the 25 years in this business, ContainerKing® / Rent-a-Unit® are a business with sound principles…”priorities ahead of profit”.

We believe that getting our priorities right, looking after our customers and doing great work is the key to our success. We don’t have the capacity to convert lots of shipping containers, so the conversions we do for our customers, we take our time and do them well.

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