Pathfinder® Portable Office

12ft by 8ft

  • 32A Appliance Inlet Plug
  • 50mm Cable Management Tray 
  • 60/70mm Telescopic J Legs
  • Brand New
  • Full Electrics
  • Fully Lined and Insulated
  • Heavy Duty Welded Vinyl Floor
  • Multi Locking Insulated Steel Door
  • Panel heating 
  • Single phase 32 amp connection required
  • Standard External Plastisol Wall Panels 
  • Standard Wall Boards
  • Vinyl faced plasterboard lined
  • White UPvC windows top opening
  • Foil Under Floor Insulation
  • 60/70mm Telescopic Jack-Legs
  • B/S 12b21 Moorland Green
  • Standard Specification
  • Great Deal
  • Loft Roll 44 Insulation
  • Led Lighting

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PORTABLE BUILDING TITLE | Pathfinder® Portable Building 


PURCHASE PRICE | £6,095.00+vat *plus cost of HIAB transport 

WEEKLY RENTAL (or) HIRE RATE | £42.00+vat  *based on minimum 52 week hire

ITEM DESCRIPTION : Pathfinder® Range | Jackleg Portable Building  


Brand New 12ft x8ft  Pathfinder® Jackleg Portable Building surplus new stock manufactured in 2022. Ideal Portable Office for 1/2 people or a small canteen area for up to 4 people. Pathfinder® being the most stylish standard small portable building in the market today, built to our standard Pathfinder® specification with creme wall and white ceiling boards, heavy duty welded vinyl flooring LED lighting 1.5kw panel heating and white double sockets. White top opening double glazed windows, Insulated multi-locking steel personnel door, 60/70mm j legs, moorland green body B/S 12B21 complimented with olive green trims and fascia cladding. 100mm wall and ceiling insulation and Super foil floor insulation.


  • You should always go and look at the portable building you are maybe intending to buy, do not just rely on pictures alone. To make arrangements to visit us to view this superb Pathfinder® jackleg portable office. In the first instance either “enquire online” and we will contact you shortly (or) simply give us a call within business opening hours 01724 858000 to speak to Leanne / Joanne or Steve 

Payment Details : All prices quoted are plus VAT at the current rate (see below) 


Our standard specification “Pathfinder®” range of Jackleg Portable Office Buildings are all immediately available for either “rental and hire” and also if you are looking to buy/purchase one of our jackleg portable offices so to be “concise” all buildings are indeed “for sale”

We build all our Pathfinder® Portable Buildings “in house” to a high standard specification to that of our competitors *please see   Our Pathfinder® fleet of portable buildings start at 12’x8’ which is the smallest fleet unit available in this range, but the Pathfinder® fleet of portable buildings whilst generally units up to 24’ long are built 8’ wide our largest building being 32ft x 10ft in overall size and include for open plan and split office accommodation, canteens, sales offices, toilet units (waste tanks and steps are also available) changing rooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms, training rooms, gatehouses etc etc and units can also be stacked where the top unit is accessed via a 15 tread staircase and landing (also available from ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit)

  • note standard fleet buildings are constructed from a timber ring beam and base with timber joisting however we can build from a hot rolled steel ring beam and using cold rolled galvanised floor joisting as required on bespoke “built to order” portable buildings. 

The Pathfinder® range main building body is clad in a “standard plastisol wall panel” in “Moorland Green B/S12B21 colour”, with contrasting “Olive Green 12B27 colour” fascia, trims and jacklegs. We fit as standard a multi-locking insulated steel 910mm Kirncroft® entrance door, which is sprayed in “Sunflower Yellow B/S10E55” all Pathfinder® buildings are also fitted with standard white UPVC top opening vented windows 900mm wide a 1000mm high, and medium duty 60/70mm telescopic jacklegs. Smaller Pathfinder® fleet units are fitted with a 32A appliance inlet connection socket which means units can be supplied off a simple single phase supply, larger units and units with non standard and high energy consuming electrical fittings are fitted with either 63A or 40A rotary isolator’s as required this means there is a need to hard wire unit’s to a mains supply but usually a single phase supply is sufficient.

Internally we always fit (future proof) our Pathfinder® portable buildings with the correct electrics to allow for fitting of a 1000mm “Greenwich Range” base unit, a sink/drainer (stainless steel) with a switched fused spur and both over and under counter double sockets which is tidier and more convenient if these items are required to be fitted to the units at a later date. All Pathfinder®  units have ample double sockets spread around each building, and all electrics, LED Batten Lighting, external down lighting (air conditioning units where fitted) curtain / down flow / electric oil filled radiators or panel heaters / over sink and hand wash water heaters, showers etc etc are fed from either a 6 way or 4 way FUSEBOX® metal consumer unit. 

  • Appliances are generally premium brand HYCO and electrical switches and sockets etc premium brand Hager.

Our Pathfinder® portable buildings themselves are very well insulated, under the the floors we fit as a minimum underfloor reflective foil insulation, and the walls and ceilings are all fully insulated with a minimum 100mm of glass wool or earth wool , however on bespoke buildings you are free to specify whatever insulation you require with Acoustic Rock wool RWA45 insulation which is a firm favourite when our customers order to buy a bespoke portable building. 

We line each unit with standard white 12.5mm vinyl faced plasterboard, and the walls (unless in a shower or toilets) with standard Creme 12.5mm plaster boarding, floors are covered in either heavy duty beige welded vinyl, non slip vinyl or acoustic backed heavy duty vinyl click. Any doors or kitchens fitted to units are premium pre finished Howden Joinery FD30 blank or vision doors and the kitchen units we fit in Pathfinder® range are from the Greenwich range. See :


ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit pathfinder® jackleg portable, demountable or transportable office building is a building designed and built to be movable rather than permanently located.

Smaller versions of portable buildings are also known as portable cabins. Portable cabins are prefabricated structures manufactured for uses such as site office, security cabin, accommodation, storage, toilets etc. Portable cabins are a cheaper alternative to traditional buildings and are useful when accommodation is required for an uncertain period of time.

A common modern design is sometimes called a modular building but portable buildings can be different in that they are more often used temporarily and taken away later. Portable buildings in various forms have been used since prehistoric times.

Many modern types of portable buildings are designed so that they can be carried to or from the site on a large lorry and slung on and off by a crane otherwise known as HIAB Transport.

Portable modular buildings have various uses. They are often seen, alone or in groups, as temporary site offices on building sites or factories (where they are often stacked two high with metal stairs to reach the upper level. Other uses for these and other types of portable buildings are as security boxes, ticket booths, sentry boxes and in-plant offices (these are typically portable steel buildings), rural offices, on-site changing rooms etc. Due to population increases in many areas of the UK, portable buildings are sometimes brought in to factories, schools, hospitals etc to provide relief from overcrowding. Portable Buildings often include two or more modular buildings which are generally configured or separated by partition walls and kitchens, corridors, offices and toilets. Portable Buildings can also serve as a portable car garage or used for storage units for larger items. Businesses will often utilise portable buildings or shipping containers for bulk storage or construction equipment.


A portable building is a demountable, portable, and transportable structure made intending to be mobile, not permanently fixed to one location. Also known as prefabricated buildings, portable buildings are manufactured / assembled off-site. After we’ve agreed a hire / rental period or your purchase, the building is collected from our depot and HIAB Transport delivered to your premises, factory or construction site etc and offloaded by a crane which is attached to the delivery lorry.

1.      They are Flexible

Relocatable Portable Buildings are designed to be flexible, which means that the options for usage are vast. You can opt to use the portable building as an office, classroom, storage unit, or other endless possibilities. You can even use them for living, just like standard structures. To achieve this, you will have to add air conditioning and insulation to ensure that the internal temperatures are optimal for living or working.

ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit are also manufacturers of portable buildings and can even customise the prefabricated portable building to suit your needs. With the use of newer technologies, you can virtually order the company to create a building with your unique design, and our engineers will deliver your exact order intact.

2.      They are Cost-Effective

Another huge advantage of a ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit relocatable portable building is that they are cost-effective. You don’t have to stress buying the relevant construction materials or funding a construction site, a foreman and construction workers. Our factory does all that for you. 

Furthermore, these buildings are cost-effective for the manufacturers too which helps keeping your costs low. The materials used to construct the portable building are reusable, which means that old structures can be recycled to make new buildings. In certain instances the owners, too, can sell an old portable building shell to ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit for a full refurbishment or use the funds to purchase a new portable building.

Besides, the maintenance costs of such buildings are low. Since a lot of portable buildings are  made of steel particular steel anti-vandal building’s, little to no repair is required during their lifetime. You might need to paint the outside of the building to keep it looking fresh and rust free, and a few internal adjustments to the air conditioning and insulation to ensure optimal temperatures. Still, other than that, the maintenance costs are pretty minimal, which is cost-effective.

3.      They are Eco-Friendly

Portable buildings are eco-friendly in the sense that they are recyclable. The materials used for construction do not have to go to waste or pollute the environment as litter. By selling them to manufacturers or steel companies, the portable building can be recycled to make another portable building, or other steel products, thus preventing pollution.

4.      Portable Building’s .. . Well they are Portable ! 

As the name suggests, these buildings are portable. You can easily move them from one location to another if a need arises. During assembly, these buildings do not require you to build a foundation. All you need is a compact, flat surface or simple “pad foundations” 

If you ever need to move the location of the portable building, all you need to do is call ContainerKing®  / rent-a-unit to organise and hire a HIAB lorry from as little as an hour to even a full day (depending on where you intend to relocate the portable building to) 

5.      Long-Lasting

Investing your money in a portable building is worthwhile because the materials used are durable, strong, and long-lasting. Besides, the materials are waterproof and non-porous and are effective in keeping out pests or animals. You don’t have to worry about replacing the building after a few years due to wear, rot, or other factors.

Over time, you will see changes on your building maybe a little rust on the outside of the building, which is quite normal. It will not reduce the integrity of the structure at all. Besides, you can paint the outside to keep away rust if you want to retain the original fresh look of the building.

Final Thoughts

As detailed above, relocatable portable buildings have some advantages, such as their cost-effectiveness, portability, cheap maintenance costs, eco-friendliness, and durability. These prefabricated buildings are effective for many uses like general office space, canteen, changing rooms, meeting rooms, sales offices and storage facilities etc etc. 

That is why ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit brings the new and refurbished portable buildings for you at an affordable price. We offer a wide range of modular portable buildings that can be easily designed to suit your specific needs. To learn more about portable buildings advantages and disadvantages, visit the main site at 

For any inquiries or purchases of stand alone or modular portable buildings, give us a call to gain access to some of the best offers on both new and used relocatable portable buildings.


A/ If you are buying a new or pre used portable office building, anti-vandal cabin, shipping container or container conversion from ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit then unless we have extensive trading history and you are an account holder we will take full payment prior to delivery of the unit/s you wish to purchase.

B/ If you intend to order a bespoke shipping container conversion or portable jackleg office accommodation building then we will advise a build date and take a deposit of no less than 25% of the total purchase value and possibly up to 40% depending on how bespoke the unit ordered is. Full balancing payment will be due prior to delivery.

C/ If you wish to hire equipment, as a first time customer we will take the HIAB Delivery Charge and the first 4 weeks rental in advance, any future rental payments are preferred on standing order to secure the guaranteed hire rate. HIAB Collection Charges will be charged at the end of the hire at the cost charged to us from the haulage contractor.

D/ If you wish to hire equipment and are an existing customer with good trading history you can simply place an order by email and normal 30 day account terms will apply.


When you order a bespoke portable building, anti-vandal cabin, container conversion either “for hire” or “to purchase” we need to arrange crane assisted haulage abbreviated as (HIAB Haulage) to transport your building to you locally or across the UK. As a business we “contract in” on your behalf HIAB Haulage from our extensive network of haulage contractors. We do not look to profit from HIAB Haulage, we will source the best rate for each job and simply pass on this cost to our customer. Please see our detailed “Delivery” page for more details :


ContainerKing® Limited based in North Lincolnshire is an independent family-owned business in the Portable Building Industry. Incorporated on the 11th July 1997 we have now been in the cabin and container hire/sales business for 27 years. We run our business prudently and with over 1000 items of equipment and over 900 live customers. We not only have one of the best reputations in the industry but we are supported by a debt free (net of cash) fortress balance sheet, meaning when you do business with us not only are you assured quality of product and service you can rest assured any bespoke buildings or container conversions ordered with a deposit paid are 100% safe. See exactly who your dealing with  :

ContainerKing Limited® / rent-a-unit started life back in 1997 as a self storage business tel : 01724 870000” we’ve evolved over the years and now ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit manufacture and supply all types of Portable Buildings, Steel Anti-Vandal Site Cabins, Shipping Containers and Container Conversions tel : 01724 858000 in addition to our regional Bukaloo® “weekly serviced” toilet hire & events operation tel : 01724 854547 (or) 0800 456 1502 or visit :


From our base in North Lincolnshire we supply Portable Buildings, Cabin’s, Shipping Containers and Container Conversions across the UK but predominantly our main areas of operation for “cabin and container hire” covers the Lincolnshire/ Yorkshire and Humber regions including: Doncaster/ Goole/ Grimsby/ Cleethorpes/ Hull/ Lincoln/ Sheffield & Scunthorpe. for more information see  :


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Brand new 12ft x8ft Jack Leg Pathfinder(r) Portable Building manufactured in 2022. Ideal Portable Office for 1/2 people or a small canteen area for up to 4 people. 60/70 the most stylish small portable building in the market today, built to our standard Pathfinder specification with creme wall and white ceiling boards, heavy duty welded vinyl flooring LED lighting 1.5kw panel heating and white double sockets. White top opening double glazed windows, Insulated multi-locking steel personnel door, 60/70mm j legs, moorland green body complimented with olive green trims and faisure cladding. 100mm wall and ceiling insulation and Superfoil floor insulation.