Shipping Container

20ft by 8ft

  • 1.6mm corton steel
  • 25mm Marine Ply Floor
  • Corton steel roof and walls
  • Double Opening Doors
  • Fork Pockets
  • Galvanised locking bars
  • ISO Standard
  • Multi-Corrugation Steel
  • Security Lock
  • Stands on corner posts, no jack legs required
  • 1.6mm Corton Steel
  • Galvanised Steel Floor Joists
  • Lock Box Fitted
  • Ral5010 Gentian Blue
  • Great Deal

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Shipping Container Title | CK/Plan01

Asset Number | KNG71953

  • Purchase Price: Ā£2,460.00+vat *plus cost of HIAB transport
  • Weekly Rental (or) Hire Rate: Ā£16.00+vat *based on minimum 52 week hire

Shipping Container Fore Hire/Sale

  • Brief Item Description : One Trip ISO Shipping Container

Full Description : Standard ISO specification 20ft x 8ft Shipping Container sprayed in RAL5010 Blue with double opening doors and full locking hasp, galvanised bars to secure each door leaf, multi-corrugating 1.6mm corton steel shell on metal joisting and 25mm marine ply flooring, internally walls and ceiling are sprayed in light grey, fully open plan, this is an ideal container to use as as a shell for a bespoke shipping container conversion or can be simply used as a secure storage container.Ā 


Details : All prices quoted are plus VAT at the current rate

shipping container


  1. Standard Respray Service: Ā£480.00 + VAT in single pack paint one colour. Additional charges apply for specific requirements:
    • Taping up galvanized locking bars on double opening doors: Add Ā£65.00 + VAT.
    • 2k (2 pack) paint system: Add Ā£180.00 + VAT.
    • Single pack undercoat if required: Add Ā£180.00 + VAT.
  2. Respray Service with 2k Paint one colour: Ā£660.00 + VAT. Additional charges may apply for certain lighter colours or undercoat requirements
  3. Internal Ceiling Polyurethane Spray 20ā€™x 8ā€™ Unit From: Ā£358.00 + VAT.
  4. Heavy Duty Welded Vinyl Flooring: Ā£410.00 + VAT.
  5. 3 Tier Timber Shelving: Ā£220.00 + VAT per 2440mm long bay.

Customers can discuss any bespoke requirements with ContainerKingĀ® / rent-a-unit to determine the best options for their project and obtain a detailed quote based on their specific needs.

Service Areas

ContainerKingĀ® / rent-a-unitĀ provides portable buildings, steel site anti-vandal cabins, shipping storage containers, self-storage, and BukalooĀ® weekly serviced toilet hire across Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, and the Humber regions, including but not limited to the towns / cities surrounding : Scunthorpe, in North Lincolnshire

  • Hull
  • Grimsby
  • Cleethorpes
  • Lincoln
  • Sheffield
  • Rotherham
  • Doncaster
  • Goole


You should always make the effort and go and take a proper look at any shipping container you may be interested in before you make a commitment to buy or purchase from any person or portable building business.

Shipping Containers that may look fine in images may have hidden damage which is not obvious on pictures or indeed consciously disclosed to a prospective purchaser ! like damage to floors / floor joists or roofs for instance which are renowned for being neglected or getting damaged, which will affect the long term integrity of a building that may look fine on images (some portable building, a/v site cabin and container businesses would be happy to palm off inferior equipment to unsuspecting buyers under the umbrella of ā€œSold As Seenā€ we donā€™t like this approach, so please make arrangements to visit us to view this ā€¦ā€¦ā€¦ and/or any other equipment you may be interested in.

At ContainerKingĀ® / rent-a-unit we are an open and honest ā€œstraight talKing businessĀ®ā€ and we do genuinely have your/our customers best interests in focus, we are an honourable business and we always make every endeavour to never misled customers or mis-describe any new or ā€œpre usedā€ portable building, a/v site cabin or shipping container which we are offering ā€œfor saleā€ so we really want all prospective customers to come over and take a closer look at what youā€™re interested in buying first.

So please if youā€™re interested in buying a shipping container, in the first instance either ā€œenquire onlineā€ and we will contact you shortly (or) simply give ContainerKingĀ® / rent-a-unit a call within business opening hours 01724 858000 to speak to Leanne / Joanne or Steve

Suggested uses of Bespoke Shipping Containers :


Absolutely, thinking outside the box, or in this case, the shipping container, can lead to innovative and creative solutions for various needs. Here are 10 alternative uses for shipping containers that ContainerKingĀ® / rent-a-unit has identified:

  1. Pop-Up Shops: Convert shipping containers into trendy pop-up shops for retail businesses, food stalls, or art galleries, offering a unique and eye-catching experience for customers.
  2. Outdoor Bars or Cafes: Transform shipping containers into stylish outdoor bars or cafes, perfect for events, festivals, or urban spaces seeking a hip and unconventional vibe.
  3. Workshops or Studios: Utilize shipping containers as functional workshops or art studios, providing a dedicated space for creativity and productivity.
  4. Community Spaces: Create communal areas or gathering spaces in urban neighbourhoods or rural communities, fostering connections and social interactions among residents.
  5. Emergency Shelters: Repurpose shipping containers into temporary shelters during natural disasters or humanitarian crises, providing essential housing and protection for displaced individuals.
  6. Greenhouses: Convert shipping containers into compact and efficient greenhouses for urban farming or gardening projects, maximizing limited space while promoting sustainable food production.
  7. Playgrounds or Recreational Areas: Design playful and imaginative playgrounds or recreational areas using colourful and modified shipping containers, offering children and families an engaging and safe environment to enjoy.
  8. Mobile Libraries: Establish mobile libraries using shipping containers, bringing books and educational resources to underserved communities or remote areas, promoting literacy and lifelong learning.
  9. Fitness Centres: Create compact fitness centres or workout studios within shipping containers, offering convenient exercise facilities for individuals seeking to stay active and healthy.
  10. Art Installations: Use shipping containers as canvases for artistic expression, showcasing murals, sculptures, or interactive installations in public spaces or cultural events, enriching communities with creativity and beauty.

By repurposing shipping containers in imaginative ways, ContainerKingĀ® / rent-a-unit demonstrates the versatility and potential of these durable structures to meet diverse needs and enhance various aspects of life.


Ā ContainerKingĀ® CK/Plan.. . Building site offices and stores :

Construction sites present unique challenges, but ContainerKingĀ® / rent-a-unit offers versatile solutions to address various needs on-site. Whether you require reception areas, offices, canteens, or toilet facilities, shipping containers can be adapted to meet these requirements effectively.

We provide a range of new, used, and refurbished shipping containers that can be easily customized to suit specific needs. Our containers come with fitted security doors, secure windows with anti-vandal shutters, and can be equipped with electrics and water supply as required.

In addition to traditional office and amenity spaces, ContainerKingĀ® / rent-a-unit offers containers for secure areas such as lockers and changing rooms for site workers. Our CK/Plan range showcases the diverse options available for on-site use.

For storing large machinery and equipment, high cube containers are an excellent choice. With a standard height of 9ft 6in, these containers provide ample space to safely store diggers, small tractors, and other valuable equipment, ensuring they remain secure and protected.

With ContainerKingĀ® / rent-a-unit, construction sites can maintain professionalism and functionality even amidst challenging conditions, ensuring that essential operations continue seamlessly.


ContainerKingĀ® Self-Storage & Removals

Moving house or renovating your home is a stressful business.Ā  Everyone hates packing their whole life into boxes, finding somewhere to keep it, and unpacking it all again at the other end.Ā  If you have a large-scale house renovation project, the last thing you need is any worries about damaging your belongings or having them stolen if they are not stored in a secure location.Ā  Shipping containers are ideal for short term or longer storage requirements such as these because they are extremely secure and can be easily delivered to your desired location for a reasonable price.

We supply new smart-looking containers from our range of used storage containers varying in size depending on how much stuff you have to store and how much space you have to keep it. Or we can arrange to have one of our new insulated shipping containers delivered to your premises which can sometimes be more convenient and cost less.


Sports Club Storage :

Sports clubs and grounds often approach us for assistance with storing excess sporting equipment and furniture that is cluttering up other areas.Ā  Shipping containers can be used to safely and securely store equipment for a whole range of sports, kits, discarded tables and chairs, goals, and even lawnmowers.Ā  A used shipping container is ideal for this kind of storage use, many are still in good visual condition and wonā€™t cause an eyesore on your grounds.


School | Collage & University Container Storage Units :

We have supplied storage containers to many local and national schools in the UK to securely store surplus classroom furniture, PE equipment, staging blocks, and PTA paraphernalia for the school Christmas and Summer fayres.

If you are concerned about the contents of your container being damaged by damp or mildew we can recommend anti-condensation treatments.


Doctors | Hospitals and General PPE Equipment Storage:

It may all seem so long ago now but the global coronavirus pandemic created a huge rise in demand for PPE in hospitals and healthcare settings.Ā  Supplying shipping containers to hospitals, doctors surgeries, care homes, and pharmacies etc became an important part of our business during the lockdown.Ā  Shipping containers can be dispatched and delivered at relatively short notice for storage of PPE and medicines and we always prioritise key industries where possible with the very best shipping containers which can be insulated and fully shelved out as required to optimise storage space.


Horse tack rooms :

Secure and weatherproof storage for horse tack and equipment is important, and ContainerKingĀ® shipping containers fit the bill perfectly.Ā  A storage container placed in your yard wonā€™t attract too much attention with its anonymous appearance, and even if they do, a steel container is pretty much as secure as they come.Ā  New (one trip) containers come with a lockbox (padlock cover) fitted as standard, and these are often fitted to our used and refurbished models too (depending on what the container was used for previously).Ā  A lockbox will protect the container padlock from thieves and vandals and we highly recommend them for storage containers.


Secure tool and workshop container :

Tool thefts from vans are becoming more common than ever and tradesmen cannot risk leaving their tools and livelihoods vulnerable overnight in a workā€™s van.Ā  A ContainerKingĀ® Ā workshop shipping container offers a secure and inconspicuous storage solution for power tools that can be placed on your own land keeping your precious kit highly protected and away from inquisitive eyes.

A sturdy garden shed :

Shipping Container garden sheds give perfect protection for your precious garden tools and equipment, with ample space for all of your furniture, toys, bikes, and more.Ā  Traditional wooden sheds are a popular option but they are not as secure as a sturdy shipping container, and they tend to rot and wear over time.Ā  A shipping container can withstand countless ocean crossings and still look almost new, so it could certainly hold up well as a garden shed!

There are a few options to consider when searching for a shipping container as a garden shed including a used shipping container. If you are concerned about upsetting the neighbours by placing a giant steel box into your garden you could also opt for some external timber cladding.Ā  Timber Cladding is an extremely popular customisation option, and an option we can readily assist with.

  • The ultimate guide to shipping container condensation treatment options.


If you need to store fabrics, textiles, electrical goods, foods, stock, materials, or other moisture-sensitive goods in your shipping container, ContainerkingĀ® / rent-a-unit recommends considering some of the shipping containers readily available. For more bespoke solutions, explore condensation treatments that we can supply.

Why, how, when and where does the condensation come from in Shipping Containers?

When a shipping container cools overnight, heat typically escapes through the roof. As the air inside cools and water in the air condenses, condensation may build up on any surface where heat escapes, often seen as droplets on the container’s interior roof in the mornings. On hot summer days, the sun can heat the container roof, evaporating condensation relatively quickly back into the air inside.

Several factors affect the amount of condensation:

  • Air Space: The more air in the container, the higher the potential for condensation.
  • Temperature: Overnight cooling rate, prevailing wind direction, and container exposure all play a role.
  • Humidity: Existing water content in the air.
  • Ventilation: Air circulation reduces temperature differentials and condensation.
  • Goods moisture content: Wet or moist goods contribute to condensation.
  • Usage: Frequency of door openings, loading/unloading, and weather conditions impact internal moisture levels.

While newer containers and those with more vents perform better, some condensation is typical unless preventive measures are taken. To mitigate risks, ContainerKingĀ® / rent-a-unit outline main condensation treatment types, including options available through them and DIY alternatives.

Can I buy an insulated shipping container?


Absolutely! ContainerKingĀ® / rent-a-unit provides a comprehensive range of cabins, containers, and jackleg portable buildings for both hire/rental and outright sale across the UK. Whether you’re looking to buy a pre-used shipping container or a new “one trip shipping container,” you’ve come to the right place.

For standard containers, check out our CK/Plan01 range. If you need fully insulated shipping containers, lined and insulated options, containers with shelving, electrics, or workshops, explore our CK/Plan02 range. And if you’re seeking something more bespoke, don’t hesitate to reach out, Call the King.. Ā ContainerKingĀ® at 01724 870000. We’re here to help! šŸ‘


Payment and Ordering Terms

  1. Purchasing New or Pre-Used Units
    If you are buying a new or pre-used portable office building, anti-vandal cabin, shipping container, or container conversion, then unless we have an extensive trading history and you are an account holder, we will take full payment prior to delivery of the unit/s you wish to purchase.
  2. Ordering Bespoke Units
    If you intend to order a bespoke shipping container conversion or portable jackleg office accommodation building, we will advise a build date and take a deposit of no less than 25% of the total purchase value, and possibly up to 40% depending on how bespoke the unit ordered is. The full balancing payment will be due prior to delivery.
  3. Hiring Equipment for First-Time Customers
    For first-time customers wishing to hire equipment, we will take the HIAB Delivery Charge and the first 4 weeks’ rental in advance. Any future rental payments are preferred on standing order to secure the guaranteed hire rate. HIAB Collection Charges will be charged at the end of the hire at the cost charged to us from the haulage contractor.
  4. Hiring Equipment for Existing Customers
    If you wish to hire equipment and are an existing customer with a good trading history, you can simply place an order by email, and normal 30-day account terms will apply.


HIAB Haulage for Bespoke Portable Buildings and Conversions

When you order a bespoke portable building, anti-vandal cabin, container, or shipping container conversion either “for hire” or “to purchase,” we arrange crane-assisted haulage, abbreviated as HIAB Haulage, to transport your building locally or across the UK. As a business, we contract HIAB Haulage on your behalf from our extensive network of haulage contractors. We do not seek to profit from HIAB Haulage; instead, we source the best rate for each job and pass on this cost directly to our customers. For more details, please visit our detailedĀ Delivery page.


Ā About ContainerKingĀ® Limited

ContainerKingĀ® Limited, based in North Lincolnshire, is an independent family-owned business in the Portable Building Industry. Established on July 11, 1997, we have over 27 years of experience in the cabin and container hire/sales business. With over 1000 items of equipment and more than 900 live customers, we operate our business prudently. We take pride in our excellent reputation in the industry and are supported by a debt-free (net of cash) fortress balance sheet. When you do business with us, you’re not only assured of quality products and services but also the safety of any bespoke buildings or container conversions ordered with a deposit paid. Learn moreĀ about us.

ContainerKingĀ® Limited / rent-a-unit began as a self-storage business in 1997 (tel: 01724 870000). Over the years, we have evolved to manufacture and supply all types of Portable Buildings, Steel Anti-Vandal Site Cabins, Shipping Containers, and Container Conversions (tel: 01724 858000). Additionally, we operate the regional BukalooĀ® “weekly serviced” toilet hire & events operation (tel: 01724 854547 or 0800 456 1502). VisitĀ BukalooĀ for more information.

Serving the UK with Portable Buildings, Cabins, Shipping Containers, and Container Conversions

From our base in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, we supply portable buildings, cabins, shipping containers, and container conversions across the UK. However, our main areas of operation for cabin and container hire cover the Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, and Humber regions, including Doncaster, Goole, Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Hull, Lincoln, Sheffield, and Scunthorpe. For more information, visit our locations page

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