Portable office cabin hire in Immingham, Grimsby or Cleethorpes from Rent-a-Unit®.

ContainerKing® / Rent-a-Unit® is the now the only remaining privately owned, independent provider of relocatable portable office cabins and steel anti-vandal accommodation units to businesses in Immingham, Grimsby, Cleethorpes and North East Lincolnshire. Algeco (previously known as Elliott hire) recently bought the MobileMini Cabin and Container business based at Immingham.

Rent-a-unit Grimsby

Our services in the area

Our services include for rental, hire and sales of jack leg portable cabin buildings, steel anti-vandal site cabins and shipping container storage units. We also carry out shipping container conversions and build bespoke portable buildings for customers across the UK. Under our Bukaloo® brand we offer “weekly serviced” chemical toilets for hire across the region, and within Scunthorpe we also operate a containerised self-storage business.

Our Scunthorpe base is convenient for serving neighbouring businesses in the North, North East Lincolnshire and Humberside areas including: South Killingholme – Immingham – Stallingborough – Cleethorpes – Scartho – Humberstone – Waltham – Laceby – Louth – Caistor – Binbrook and North Somercoates

Immingham, Grimsby and Cleethorpes – Port towns with great business opportunities


Laying in North East Lincolnshire the great port town of Grimsby & Cleethorpes which from the 12th century has been a fishing and trading port was once home to the world’s largest fishing fleet. Unfortunately, “the cod wars” where the UK was denied access to Icelandic fishing grounds put paid to this and Grimsby suffered a post-industrial decline. It has however reinvented itself and is now a major centre for Ports and Logistics. Grimsby is also the main centre in the UK for fish processing, also housing many food processing factories and extensive petrochemical and chemical storage facilities along the South Bank of the Humber Estuary.

During WW2 there were intentions of demolishing Grimsby Dock Tower structure as this acted as a beacon for German Luftwaffe aircraft heading towards Liverpool. The Royal Dock at Grimsby also housed the UK’s largest base for minesweepers patrolling the North Sea. In the early hours during the summer of 1943 the Luftwaffe released a new type of weapon over Grimsby & Cleethorpes. The Sprengbombe Dickwandig 2kg (SD2) was the very first type of anti-personnel cluster bomb intended to kill and maim humans as opposed to vehicles and buildings.

ContainerKing® / Rent-a-Unit® fighting for business and businesses in Immingham, Grimsby & Cleethorpes

  • Rent-a-unit

    Exolium (Formerly inter-terminals)

    Extensively use steel site accommodation, offices, toilets, meeting rooms and shipping container storage units at West Terminal Immingham.

  • Rent-a-unit

    BCA Fleet Solutions

    South Killingholme a/v accommodation units and toilet and tank facilities.

  • Rent-a-unit

    Hammond Homes

    Are benefiting the use of a bespoke new building site portable sales office. Scartho steel anti-vandal office, canteen drying room and toilet units.

  • Rent-a-unit

    Marshall BMW

    Laceby benefit from new fully lined and insulated shipping container storage.


Leanne / Joanne – Girl power taking your calls!

View our ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit home page where you will find general information on “Cabin Hire” or visit our “Cabin Sales page” where you can see brand new and used portable buildings, cabins and shipping containers listed for sale. Or learn more about HIAB Delivery Haulage.

Feel free to call us directly on 01724 858000 and speak to a staff member with any questions you have about how to “rent a unit” or discuss your requirements. To rent a unit is a simple process plus it can be a cost effective and convenient option too, providing you with additional office or storage space quickly.

Rental of Portable Office Buildings in Immingham, Grimsby or Cleethorpes

We have two standardised fleets of portable buildings which are perfect for temporary portable office accommodation , we supply open plan and split offices, canteen units, sales suites, project meeting rooms, training rooms, gatehouses, sentry boxes & toilet units etc.

There are a multitude of alternate uses (some of which are mentioned above). Our customers regularly use our buildings as sales & marketing suites, garden offices, visitor reception rooms, classrooms, washrooms, studios etc.

Rental of Steel Anti-Vandal Site Cabins in Immingham, Grimsby or Cleethorpes

We currently supply one range of 20ft x 8ft steel anti-vandal cabins we call CK/PLAN. All units are fully standardised which means units can be stacked when space is at a premium, CK/PLAN units are fully lined and insulated with electrics and heating, and are fitted out ready to plug in to 32A power supply and to water for use as commercial, industrial or construction site split or open plan offices, canteen units, drying room units, split canteen / storage buildings etc

Bespoke Portable Buildings & Container Conversions

If you’re looking to buy a bespoke portable building (a unit designed and built to your exacting specification and requirements), bespoke anti-vandal cabins, specific size storage containers or bespoke shipping container conversions – you’re in the right place. We can also supply standardised ISO sized buildings 10ft, 20ft and 40ft x 8ft which can be re fabricated and adapted, fitted out and sprayed in one of the many RAL or B/S colours.

Bukaloo Toilets
Bukaloo toilet and fence hire

Portable Loo Hire in Immingham, Grimsby and Cleethorpes

Finally, whilst you’re looking at portable buildings, there’s a good chance you may also be looking for portable toilet hire. They’re great for an industrial site, temporary building project, seasonal event or party and you don’t want contractors or guests using your private bathroom. Again, we can help. We have a subsidiary business we call Bukaloo® which operates a fleet approaching 500 toilets across several regions including Grimsby & Cleethorpes and surrounding areas in North Lincolnshire.

Call Our Depot on 0800 456 1502

Bukaloo Toilet and fence hire For weekly serviced chemical toilet hire in Lincolnshire