Anti-Vandal CK/PLAN02 20ft by 8ft Fully Lined Container with Electrics

Containerking has taken the standard container one step further, whilst a standard container itself is suitable for a verity of storage uses.. .fully lined and insulated containers with electrics offer you another dimension in practicality and usability, the potential benefits of storing anything you want in a clean, dry and secure environment completely free of condensation can be a game changer. Our diverse range of customers in lincolnshire, yorkshire and humber regions like industrial facilities, factories, car dealerships, local councils, sports clubs to name but a few can store items like documents, paper books, electrical items furniture, general stock, parts and accessories…spares the list is endless.

AsK Containerking about long term rental short term hire or outright purchase of a simple anti condensation polyurethane spray foamed ceiling new “one trip” 20ft container we supply complete with CISA padlock and keys or a fully lined and insulated shipping container with electrics including lighting, sockets and heating.

ContainerKing guarantee

If you want a new “one trip” container Containerking will always provide you with new “one trip” storage container. 

If you wanted or need a container / anti-vandal site cabin respraying in a colour which differs from our standard Blue RAL5010, Dark Green or Grey RAL7012 ? ContainerKing will prepare and respray the unit/s in any RAL or B/S colour that suits your corporate image or the environment where the container / anti-vandal site cabin will be situated, we would be happy to do this for you too within the hire / rental rate quoted, subject to an agreed minimum term hire usually 12 months or over. All hire / rental rates quoted are based on an agreed duration of hire / rental, the longer the agreement the better deal we will offer.

Included in the hire / rental 

  1. 1/ CISA security padlock and 2 keys

Options / Extras

  1. This container is powered via a 32A appliance inlet plug, we can supply a ready made up 10m cable with complimenting female plug pre fitted for your convenience at a small additional charge of £3.50+vat weekly
  2. Three tier shelving to one/both sides of the container
  3. Fully bespoke shelving to your exacting requirement

*If you have a specific storage requirement in size/specification of a unit which would better serve your purpose? Remember Containerking also builds and fabricates bespoke steel anti-vandal accommodation.