Portable buildings are back after 40 years

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Portable buildings are back after 40 years

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RENT-A-UNIT® Limited was first registered as a company in 1975 by David Wraith when the portable accommodation industry was in its infancy.

Later the business became widely known as Wraith Group RENT-A-UNIT®. At this point the light grey coloured portable buildings manufactured by David Wraith with yellow trim and doors was changed to the familiar Moss Green 12B21 with Olive Green 12B27 trim and fascia boards and keeping the yellow personnel doors which Elliotthire used for many years. RENT-A-UNIT® limited was sold around 1987 to Godfrey Davis Group a car rental business known today as Davis Service Group PLC. At this time David Wraith had built a business in size only second to that of the formidable Portakabin. After the acquisition of RENT-A-UNIT® it was then merged with Elliott Group a manufacturer of portable buildings, amongst other notable portable building businesses Presco, Redispace and Johnson also purchased by Godfrey Davis in the 1980’s all of which were ultimately merged to became the Elliotthire of the world today and now owned by Algeco Group which is part of TDR Capital.

The RENT-A-UNIT® brand we have relaunched is a very simple ownership structure with Parent company ContainerKing Limited owning 75% of the share capital and ContainerKing staff member and ex RENT-A-UNIT® employee from age 16 David Braithwaite owns 25% of the new business. Naturally we are very excited to have been able to acquire the RENT-A-UNIT® brand name, and very proud to complete a complete re-branding and re-launch of this iconic portable building industry brand of the 1980’s.

We have a very clear perception of the positioning we intend RENT-A-UNIT® to take in the portable building market today, that of a respected premium branded portable building business, with stylish designs and innovative quality products.

August 5, 2020

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