rent-a-unit – new office space, more space or simply better space?

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Rent-a-unit – new space, more space or simply better space?

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With the widely publicised potential economic repercussions following the Coronavirus epidemic which has swept the world in mind, maybe future expansion or considering replacing an older probably inefficient portable building may not be at the top of your list of priorities right now…..that’s understandable. But with ever increasing government assistance with loans and job retention schemes keeping the economy afloat, and with the passing of the peak of the crisis now leading to businesses tentatively beginning to open back up……we believe now actually may not be such a bad time to begin to reconsider your aims and ambitions for your business. We still live in a dynamic, solid and fast changing business environment and what’s more there are some serious financial benefits you should consider…. for instance the generous capital allowances for buying new business assets and equipment…this combined with relatively low costs of capital make any capital purchases a valued proposition. In addition….if it’s only a short or medium term requirement for equipment then there’s advantages of 100% tax efficiency in equipment rental.

‍The key to owning or renting any business asset is what exactly is the cost and what will the benefit be to your business? Ultimately if the benefits outweigh the cost over the short medium or long term then read on. The portable accommodation industry has generally been in some decline for a number of years and for a number of reasons but generally ….greed and bad management has now been replaced by cost cutting and poor standards, how many businesses have forced you either online or faced with trying to do business with a faceless centralised call centre ? This is exactly what has gradually happened in our industry, depot managers have been replaced with call centres and ever increasing numbers of dedicated sales personnel just out to bring in the business with little notable concern for the customer…’s our belief that customers all to often are being treated like second class citizens and we imagine in many instances “put off” by the whole portable building procurement process? If your lucky enough to have avoided doing business and looking to a new portable office, a bigger office or just a much better office then we ask you seriously reconsider the many benefits of the current financial, tax and business friendly environment in addition to the many benefits a new stylish modern designed office accommodation unit would bring to you your business (see our news article on acoustics) and the increased morale and general welfare and efficiency of your staff not to mention the potential gains in productivity you can expect.

‍RENT-A-UNIT® would welcome your business, we do business the old fashion way, we employ only passionate and experienced staff, staff who are inspired by our simple business ethics, to be totally open, transparent and honest, speaking directly with a decision maker, someone who is both knowledgable and possesses the ability to listen and fully understand your exact requirements. We’re busy being an innovative and customer focused business, developing and building bigger and better products, were not interested in joining the general industry “race to the bottom” were on a mission to bring to you great products, great service and practical, cost effective solutions to suit your office space needs. I will expand on the many benefits of new, modern, stylish and well designed portable buildings at a later date.

August 5, 2020

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