Anti-Vandal Canteen / Store

20ft by 8ft

  • 1.6mm corton steel
  • 32A Appliance Inlet Plug
  • Convector heaters
  • Corton steel roof and walls
  • Fork Pockets
  • Fully Lined and Insulated
  • Locking box fitted
  • Multi Locking Insulated Steel Door
  • 1 Steel Shuttered Window
  • 1 Sliding Window
  • Welded Vinyl Floor
  • Aluminium Double Glazed Sliding Windows
  • Ral5010 Gentian Blue
  • Anti-Vandal
  • Loft Roll 44 Insulation


Brief Item Description :

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Northern Region Depot | Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire DN15 9YJ

Portable Building Title | CK/Plan04

Asset Number | KNG71695

  • Purchase Price: £5,890.00+vat *plus cost of HIAB transport
  • Weekly Rental (or) Hire Rate: £40.00+vat *based on minimum 52 week hire

Brief Item Description : Steel Anti-Vandal Canteen / Store

This Steel anti-Vandal Canteen/Store is one of the newer units in our modern fleet of steel anti-vandal buildings which is sprayed in container standard Gential Blue RAL5010. With a 32A appliance inlet fitted which is linked directly to the internal consumer unit providing the power to the LED ceiling lighting and sockets generously located around the office area and located in the storage area along with a bulkhead light.

ISO Shipping Containers use Multi corrugated 1.6mm Corton steel shipping container shell with standard double doors into the storage area which like mentioned above has the benefit of a double socket and very convenient bulkhead light which we fit as standard on new build container conversions. 

The Office area is accessed via a multi-locking Kirncroft 915mm standard steel entrance door and has the benefit of being fully lined (9mm Hardwood ply” and insulated “100mm loft roll 44”, there is a double glazed aluminium sliding window fitted which has the added benefit of the protection of insulated steel shutters. There are ample double sockets located around the walls and the floor is covered with a welded heavy duty vinyl.

This unit is in excellent condition for age, the roof is also in excellent condition and external paintwork is in good order however if this cabin is of interest, for £480+vat we will fully prepare and respray in any B/S or RAL Colour of your choice or for an additional £180+vat in a 2K paint system.



Steel Anti-Vandal Site Cabins that may look fine in images may have hidden damage which is not obvious on pictures or indeed consciously disclosed to a prospective purchaser ! like damage to floors / floor joists or roofs for instance which are renowned for being neglected or getting damaged, which will affect the long term integrity of a building that may look fine on images (some portable building, a/v site cabin and container businesses would be happy to palm off inferior equipment to unsuspecting buyers under the umbrella of “Sold As Seen” we don’t like this approach, so please make arrangements to visit us to view this  Portable Steel Anti-Vandal Split Canteen/Store and/or any other equipment you may be interested in.

At ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit we are an open and honest “straight talKing business®” and we do genuinely have your/our customers best interests in focus, we are an honourable business and we always make every endeavour to never misled customers or mis-describe any new or “pre used” steel anti-vandal portable site cabin or shipping container which we are offering “for sale” so we really want all prospective customers to come over and take a closer look at what you’re interested in buying first.

So please if you’re interested in buying a unit, in the first instance either “enquire online” and we will contact you shortly (or) simply give ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit a call within business opening hours 01724 858000 to speak to Leanne / Joanne or Steve

Service Areas

ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit provides portable buildings, steel site anti-vandal cabins, shipping storage containers, self-storage, and Bukaloo® weekly serviced toilet hire across Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, and the Humber regions, including but not limited to the towns / cities surrounding: Scunthorpe, in North Lincolnshire

  • Hull
  • Grimsby
  • Cleethorpes
  • Lincoln
  • Sheffield
  • Rotherham
  • Doncaster
  • Goole

Head Office | Monday to Friday 09.00h to 16.00h

Payment Details: All prices quoted are plus VAT at the current rate

Department Contact Information:

  • Buy Anti-Vandal Site Cabins & Containers all Hire & Sales: 01724 858000
  • Rent / Hire – Bukaloo Weekly Serviced Portable Toilets: 01724 854547
  • General Enquiries & Self Storage & Removals in Scunthorpe: 01724 870000


ContainerKing® Anti-Vandal Cabins: The “CK/Plan” Range

Versatile Solutions for On-Site and Off-Site Needs

ContainerKing® anti-vandal cabins in the “CK/Plan” range 01 to 08 (20ft x 8ft units) are the perfect solution whether you are working on-site or off-site, or need additional office/workspace for your existing premises. Constructed in steel with a multi-locking door and insulated steel window shutters, these cabins offer enhanced security, providing peace of mind with their resistance to theft and vandalism.

Applications of our CK/Plan Portable Anti-Vandal Cabins

At ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit, we offer various choices for the internal layout of our anti-vandal cabins, including portable offices in open plan or partitioned formats to create separate working areas.

Popular Internal Layouts

A popular choice is to have the cabin split internally to form:

  • Office/store | CK/Plan04
  • Office/canteen | CK/Plan08
  • Canteen/store | CK/Plan04
  • Office/changing room | CK/Plan05

Standard Features of ContainerKing® Anti-Vandal Cabins

Each ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit anti-vandal portable office comes complete with:

  • 2Kw Panel or 3Kw curtain electric heating
  • LED lighting
  • Double electric sockets
  • Heavy-duty welded vinyl floor covering
  • Double glazed sliding windows
  • 32A Appliance inlet plug
  • Insulated steel Kirncroft® entrance doors

Canteens are provided with:

  • 1000mm base unit
  • Stainless steel sink and drainer
  • 600mm full-width worktop
  • Over sink HYCO Hot water heater
  • Under counter socket for fridge
  • Over counter sockets for microwave, kettle, toaster, etc. (see our additional items “white goods packages”)
  • Up to 3 bench tables and 12nunber chairs

Efficient Setup for Larger Workforces

When housing a larger workforce, especially on restricted sites, a popular setup includes, larger 32’ x 10’ steel anti-vandal site cabins or double-stacked anti-vandal cabins with:

  • Offices and meeting rooms on the upper floor
  • Canteen and welfare facilities on the ground level

Delivery and Installation

ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit will safely HIAB deliver, crane off-load, and install anti-vandal cabins directly to your site. After connections are made to the relevant services, your cabin is ready for immediate use.

Contact Us

Speak to our ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit portable building specialist to discuss your accommodation and storage requirements and find the best solution. For more details, visit: ContainerKing Anti-Vandal Portable Buildings

Why – You Need a ContainerKing® Anti-Vandal Site Office

One way to keep your site, staff, and equipment secure is to buy or rent a ContainerKing® Anti-Vandal Portable Building.

In 2022, cases of criminal damage and arson rose by 13%, and there were roughly 2.6 million incidents of theft. These statistics highlight the importance of keeping a site secure, including your goods, plant, equipment, office paperwork, plans, documentation, and computer equipment.

ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit explores several reasons why you should consider vandal-proof accommodation for your factory, premises, or construction site, and how renting or buying anti-vandal buildings can benefit you and your business.

What Are Anti-Vandal Site Cabins? Offices? Canteen?

or Storage Equipment?

Anti-vandal security cabins are designed with enhanced security features to protect your staff, site, and equipment from vandalism, theft, and damage. These site cabins are ideal for unsecured construction sites, house builds, and factory environments. They can protect your site with one of our CK/Plan ranges. See ContainerKing® Anti-Vandal Portable Buildings or consider using a sentry box. See ContainerKing® Sentry Box.

To secure site plant, tools, or material storage, see our CK/Plan-01. Even without manned security or perimeter fencing, our cabins provide substantial protection. We also offer fencing for hire/rent through our Bukaloo® operation. See Bukaloo® Fencing.

ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit CK/Plan Anti-Vandal Cabins feature:

  • Strong steel wall panels welded within the structure
  • Insulated steel Kirncroft® window shutters with double glazed aluminium sliding windows
  • Kirncroft® multi-locking insulated steel doors with anti-jemmy edges to resist break-ins

These features ensure your site office remains safe and sound throughout your project.

Anti-Vandal Site Offices: CK/Plan06

Protect Your Most Important Assets

Your site office, along with other buildings such as toilets, welfare buildings, and storage, is a crucial part of the build project. Without a CK/Plan-06 site office, your project wouldn’t run smoothly, and your workers would have no place to rest and recuperate. For rest areas, see the anti-vandal canteen CK/Plan-07.

  • Preventing Vandalism and Theft
    If your site offices were vandalized or broken into, you might lose vital documents and expensive equipment. This would delay your project while you fix or replace what you’ve lost, incurring additional costs.
  • Peace of Mind for You and Your Clients
    A steel vandal-proof site office is specifically built to secure your building against theft and damage. This ensures you can leave at the end of the day confident that your belongings will be safe, offering your clients a high level of security.
  • Flexible Layouts to Fit Any Specification
    ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit anti-vandal units come in a range of dimensions and are completely flexible, allowing you to work exactly the way you want. Where ground space is limited, our cabins can be stacked one on top of the other and accessed via a standard 13-tread staircase and landing.

Not only are our offices flexible, but we also offer various other types of vandal-proof site buildings. From Bukaloo® portable toilets to portable drying/changing rooms with fully opening obscured double-glazed windows, high-level down-flow heaters, coat hooks, and benches.

  • Available Instantly
    There’s no need to wait for units to be made or become available. Our stock ensures that vandal-proof site offices and accommodation units can be delivered to your site ready for immediate use, completing, delivering, and installing faster than traditional buildings. We also have a range of standard steel site storage containers, insulated shipping containers, and fully kitted-out workshop/canteen containers. See CK/Plan-03.
  • Security Outside, Comfort Inside
    Needing extra security doesn’t mean your site office should be bare-bones. At ContainerKing® / rent-a-unit, our anti-vandal site offices are available with furniture and white goods packages, including a fridge, microwave, kettle, and toaster.
  • Cost-Effective Office Solutions
    Portable anti-vandal site offices can save you money in various ways. With enhanced security, they reduce the need for a secured perimeter and lower staff costs. The portable construction methods mean a fast installation, enabling a quicker return on investment and allowing the business to get to work sooner.

We even offer used portable buildings, anti-vandal site cabins, and shipping containers, which are environmentally friendly and can be cheaper than buying brand new.

  • Sustainable and Efficient Building Options
    Many companies aim to increase sustainability and reduce their carbon footprint. All our anti-vandal site office accommodation CK/Plan units are fitted with double-glazed, A-rated energy-efficient windows, LED lighting, and heaters controlled by thermostats and timers.

If you need tough, secure anti-vandal site offices for your construction site, please get in touch with our expert team today. Alternatively, check out our Pathfinder® or premium range Squadron® jackleg portable office accommodation, available for hire, rental, or purchase.

Crime In The Construction Industry :

The sad fact is crime is on the rise everywhere, but an interesting paper published by the Chartered Institute of Building addresses the massive costs of crime and vandalism to the construction industry. See the full paper here.

The need for anti-vandal cabins has never been greater in an uncertain world. These cabins serve diverse purposes and provide peace of mind that your computers, paperwork, site drawings, plant, and equipment are all relatively safe and secure. Our anti-vandal cabins are made of 1.6mm hard cotton steel and feature Kirncroft® steel window shutters and Kirncroft® 10-point steel locking doors for additional security. They are highly durable and can withstand the harshest weather conditions.

Building & Construction Sites

Anti-vandal units are key components of construction sites. Legally, offices, canteens, toilet, and changing room facilities are required for staff and contractors. Anti-vandal units ensure a properly organized site and protect against organized crime gangs, opportunist vandals, and thieves who target construction sites for valuable materials, tools, and equipment. The enhanced security of these cabins significantly reduces the risk of costly and disruptive break-ins.

Construction sites are often in exposed and remote locations subject to extreme weather conditions, which can damage materials or equipment. Robust anti-vandal cabins provide a safe space where property is completely protected against the elements. Furthermore, these units offer safe and hygienic welfare facilities for workers, protecting them from site dangers, dust, and harsh weather conditions, leading to a happier and more productive workforce.

Educational Settings

There has been significant media coverage about the dire state of Britain’s school buildings, with many forced to close partially or completely due to crumbling concrete or the presence of asbestos. See the editorial at The Guardian. Some schools are simply short of space and lack the budget to expand. See the BBC editorial here.

Safe and secure portable cabins provide an ideal and cost-effective solution, whether required on a permanent or temporary basis. In areas with a high risk of crime and vandalism, these cabins offer extra peace of mind that staff, students, and equipment will be safe. They can serve as classrooms, storage containers for excess equipment, sports equipment, offices, hygiene facilities, or canteens. They are efficient with minimal running costs and can be installed with little disruption to staff and students.

Emergency Response

During emergency situations such as war zones or natural disasters, a fast and effective response is critical. Anti-vandal cabins can provide a safe command center where supplies, medical equipment, and support personnel can be based. This ensures protection from unstable outside elements and facilitates effective rescue and relief operations.

Security Checkpoints

In situations with stringent security requirements, such as military installations or agricultural sites with strict biosecurity policies, anti-vandal cabins play a vital role. They can act as gatehouses to key access points, housing security and surveillance equipment and personnel. These cabins are strong enough to withstand potential attacks and break-in attempts, ensuring site security and serving as administrative centers for necessary inspections and identity checks on vehicles and personnel.

Event Management

Outdoor events such as music festivals, sporting events, and concerts pose organizational challenges. Secure portable cabins provide support in various ways, serving as gatehouses, ticket booths, and security surveillance units. See more at ContainerKing / rent-a-unit. Within the site, they can function as information points, medical centers, canteens, toilets, chill-out zones for staff, retail outlets, equipment storage centers, and more.

Remote Workstations

In challenging terrain or weather conditions, secure cabins serve as reliable and robust field stations, allowing safe storage of equipment and ensuring staff can work in secure and comfortable conditions regardless of the outside elements.


Payment and Ordering Terms for Portable Office Buildings and Equipment

Purchasing New or Pre-Used Units

  1. Full Payment Prior to Delivery
    If you are purchasing a new or pre-used portable office building, anti-vandal cabin, shipping container, or container conversion, we require full payment prior to delivery unless we have an extensive trading history and you are an account holder.

Ordering Bespoke Units

  1. Deposit and Payment Schedule
    For bespoke shipping container conversions or portable jackleg office accommodation buildings, we will provide a build date and require a deposit of no less than 25% of the total purchase value, and possibly up to 40%, depending on the bespoke nature of the order. The full balancing payment will be due prior to delivery.

Hiring Equipment

  1. First-Time Customers
    First-time customers wishing to hire equipment must pay the HIAB delivery charge and the first four weeks’ rental in advance. Future rental payments are preferred on standing order to secure the guaranteed hire rate. HIAB collection charges will be billed at the end of the hire period at the cost charged to us by the haulage contractor.
  2. Existing Customers
    Existing customers with good trading history can place orders by email, and normal 30-day account terms will apply.


When you order a bespoke portable building, anti-vandal cabin, or container conversion either “for hire” or “to purchase,” we arrange crane-assisted haulage (HIAB Haulage) to transport your building locally or across the UK.

As a business, ContainerKing® contracts HIAB Haulage on your behalf from our extensive network of haulage contractors. We do not seek to profit from HIAB Haulage; instead, we source the best rate for each job and pass this cost directly to our customers.

For more details, please see our Delivery page.


ContainerKing® Limited, based in North Lincolnshire, is an independent family-owned business in the portable building industry. Incorporated on July 11, 1997, we have been in the cabin and container hire/sales business for 27 years. We run our business prudently, with over 1,000 items of equipment and more than 900 active customers. We have one of the best reputations in the industry and are supported by a debt-free (net of cash) fortress balance sheet. This means that when you do business with us, you are assured of quality products and services, and any bespoke buildings or container conversions ordered with a deposit are 100% safe.

ContainerKing® Limited / rent-a-unit started back in 1997 as a self-storage business (tel: 01724 870000). Over the years, we have evolved and now manufacture and supply all types of portable buildings, steel anti-vandal site cabins, shipping containers, and container conversions (tel: 01724 858000). In addition, we operate the regional Bukaloo® “weekly serviced” toilet hire & events operation (tel: 01724 854547 or 0800 456 1502). For more information, visit Bukaloo.

Serving the UK with Portable Buildings, Anti-Vandal Cabins, Shipping Containers, and Container Conversions

From our base in North Lincolnshire, we supply portable buildings, cabins, shipping containers, and container conversions across the UK. However, our main areas of operation for cabin and container hire cover the Lincolnshire/Yorkshire and Humber regions, including Doncaster, Goole, Grimsby, Cleethorpes, Hull, Lincoln, Sheffield, and Scunthorpe. For more information, visit our Grimsby location page.

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